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About Agency Station

Agency Station was developed to be an intelligent and real life resource to assist agents and producers with current and proven systems. When properly executed, as a result of some studied planning, the systems will create specific structures to expedite the critical growth of an agency and the systematic checkpoints to help agents get on track, stay on track, and constantly transform to the ever changing and dynamic industry. Agency Station also offers potential solutions to attack, retain, and sell to a more fluid customer than ever before.


Our organization will have actual projects and workbooks with calendars and schedules to coincide with our coaching and learning curriculum. In addition to seminars, books, and work session projects, Agency Station also offers weekly coaching sessions which are individually customized for each individual or agency who wishes to explore an exponential and aggressive application of an individual business, marketing, and sales plan. Our goal is to help you grow and organize in the areas you want to expand. Our website covers more in detail, but rest assure- we get just as excited as you do. The more you challenge us, the better we all do.


The Agency Station exists to provide structured, studied strategies with true, measurable applications at the end of the day.  Our blue prints and systems models will accelerate the bottom line, growth and profit.

Principles & Philosophies

  • We coach our members as we would coach our own family.

  • You ask, We coach, We deliver. You ask again, we deliver again, Everybody Wins.

  • The less you sell and push, the more clients you will acquire.

  • Transparency, Trust, and Accessibility will be our Three Pillars.

  • First, we must discover the why before the what.

  • We must passionately seek ways to deliver a customer experience like no other, regardless of price, underwriting, environment, office politics, competition –

  • An Unexpected Customer Experience encompassing the three pillars is a mandate of the new, nimble, and fluid consumer.

Roy Vale, CLU


Roy was born and raised in Texas. His wife, Monica, is his motivation for thinking all things above the line, and his mom was his inspiration.  Growing up as a young boy in the government projects close to the border, having to overcome a broken neck injury playing football in High School, and a few other quite eventful experiences, molded Roy into becoming who he is today. Roy Vale is known as the “Godfather of Sales ” and the Big Little Bear at the same time. Roy simply won’t quit when the wind doesn’t blow.

As a Sales Manager, Roy has worked with hundreds of business owners, agents, and associates throughout the last 21 years. In 2012, he was awarded the highest honor, Presidents Council Member from his company. Currently the 2017 scoring models his overall performance is measured by- AAA ranking, Roy finished in the top 4 in the country – Your coach, trainer, and moderator has 15 years of sales experience in Multi-Line insurance and the Life and Health industry. Many numerous awards and records. Community Involvement was one of his marketing platforms.  – With the 21 years of business coaching, sales performance management, personal development and cultural change execution on his resume, he is ready to support your journey.
Roy wrote and published the book, Shifting to Plan B: A Richer Balance, co-authored the book, Change Agents, with Brian Tracy, and is a member of the National Academy of Best Selling Authors.

Roy strongly believes, “Winning is never, never easy, it is just worth it.”
If not reaching the peaks and platinum levels, Roy will often ask himself –
Do you lack the discipline or the talent?

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