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Roller Coaster Sales? It Doesn’t Have to Be.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

If you have been part of a sales organization for some time, then you are far accustomed with the following scenario: As the end of the quarter approaches, producers are feverishly working to close deals. Some will close those deals, and some won’t. At the end of the quarter a few reps have made their target numbers, and many haven’t. At the start of the next quarter, it is safe to say most of the team – those who didn’t meet their targets & those who did – will be entering the new cycle with an insufficient pipeline, playing the “chase the lead” game, with a likely scenario that those chased leads will not close in time.

Feast or famine, boom or bust – it’s a pattern that has been labeled a necessary evil. As just part of the sales cycle. Well in the words of Winston Churchill, I’m labeling it a “Terminological inexactitude.” I don’t see it as necessary, but rather just evil.

Unfortunately, all too often when teams achieve great success in one quarter they are going to see a trough of production in the next. Even in my organization. But why? In the hectic race to finalize apps and get them issued at the end of the quarter, or year, key activities tend to be neglected. And when key activities such as lead generation/qualification and client management suffer, sown are the seeds of bad results, thus creating the vicious peaks and troughs that vary significantly from quarter to quarter.

If you are in management, this cycle creates a massive uncertainty and inconsistency: Yet it’s “normal.” Ask yourself if you have come accustomed to the following statements:

  • “The inconsistency is a result of our buyers not buying in the first month.”

  • “Individual sales performance is expected to have fluctuations. I mean no one can be perfect all the time. If that were the case, then our quotas are too low.”

  • “I am not too concerned with those who underperform, as our star performers balance everything out.”

  • “It’s just the typical hockey stick.”

  • “It’s always been like this. Doesn’t matter what we do, nothing will change.”

These are “Terminological inexactitudes” of poor management and reasons why you should contact Agency Station!

However your team attempts to justify the feast or famine production as a norm, it’s indicative of a much larger problem: non-strategic, boom-bust mentality that is engraved in to the minds of your sales management team. I know that sales reliability is highly sought in sales organizations and that reliability continues to be an elusive goal. I also know that the process of chasing it down leaves sales executives (who are dealing with quarter-end stress) and sales reps (who are trying to establish consistency) completely devoid of energy needed to do their jobs. I have executives in my organization that state that is the reason for their gray hairs!

While widespread improvement has been done by experts and well-intention companies in key performance metrics, such as prospecting, quoting, and presentations, rarely has a focus been placed on the specific causes of and cures for the roller coaster cycle that many firms have endured.

That’s where Agency Station comes in. We will challenge you to reject this “norm” where results lurch from great to “oh crap,” we will instill discipline that incorporates strategies and tactics for creating your own continuous sales growth quarter after quarter year after year. It’s times to end the roller coaster ride.

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